Hi, my name is Lesley and I'm Miley Cyrus' best friend.



all I care about is how many dicks have gotten hard because of me


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holy shit i havent been on tumblr in a long time 


NAH NAH NAH I’ve fallen off the wagon guys. I’ve been super slack lately and it’s taken a toll on my health and my grades and my parents’ approval. So for the next 5 months it’s all solid, consistent study. No more fucking around. I’m done thinking about stupid shit because Y’ALL WON’T BE WORTH MY TIME WHEN I’M STUDYING MEDICINE. It’s only 5 more months until I can go crazy and do whatever I want. Anyway love you all, good luck in your studies. Do the best that you can. We’re all gonna make it guys, we are all going to fucking make it.

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Boys are like boogers, I wish I could flick them away goodnight

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